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Nursing Pillow (Cotton Filling)
May 2, 2019
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Nursing Pillow (Fibre Filling)


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Nursing pillows by Cuddle n Care are a perfect choice to support your intent to breastfeed your little one.
They are designed to accommodate your baby from newborn – as they keep growing.
They are supportive during your breastfeeding needs, till your little one turns approximately 2 years. We make them using quality fill with an option to choose from natural cotton or poly fibre, inside, they come with a cover made of 100% cotton fabric.

– They offer optimum height to maintain a comfortable posture while nursing.
– The pillow allows the mother with the ergonomic position for comfortable feedings.

Its special design fits comfortably around your abdomen and allows comfortable feeding and holding. This encourages easy ‘latch-on’ by your little one and enables a comfortable, supportive breastfeeding experience. As the baby grows, the pillow can also be used for proper and upright seating. This pillow comes with beautiful woven covers made from child-friendly cotton fabrics.

To help keep them hygienic, the removable cover is easy to wash, either by hand or in the washing machine. Coldwater wash using the mild detergents and drying away from direct sunlight will ensure that they retain the colors and go soft as you use it.

Dimensions 90/60/16
Weight 2kgs500gms.
includes an extra cover

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