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May 4, 2019
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Magenta Chevron Adjustable Meh Dai
June 26, 2019
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Golden Tides (Adjustable Meh Dai)


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Cuddle n Care ‘Flexi Meh Dai’ are ergonomically designed baby carriers and are a best fit between a ‘Wrap’ and a ‘Buckled Carrier’.
These Golden Tides Meh Dai baby carriers come with:
* A completely adjustable body – length-wise and width-wise.
* Hood protection from weather. Also allows discreet nursing and supports the baby’s head while the baby sleeps on the back.
* Specially designed wrap style shoulder straps with padding on shoulders makes it more comfortable by evenly distributing the weight over the caregiver’s body.
* Allows the caregivers to try beautiful finishes through the long wrap straps.
* Padded waist for extra support and comfort. They can carrier can be worn on Front, Back and Hip.

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