Flexi Full Buckle

We are happy to introduce, Cuddle n Care Flexi Full Buckle Baby Carriers for comfort, quick wearing and ease of use.

Flexi is an adjustable carrier which keeps growing with your baby and is recommended from birth to toddlerhood with multiple adjustment options for a perfect fit. Suitable for babies 3.5Kgs onwards to toddlers 20Kgs.

These are made light weight, breathable, sturdy yet comfortable, using hand-woven natural 100% cotton fabric. This makes Flexi suitable for various climate types. The fabric used is sourced locally to support and promote the weaver communities originating from different regions in India. These carriers are made in India with utmost care, putting in our love and expertise to design them, nice and cosy.

The Flexi Full Buckle Carrier offers the caregivers another option to choose, from our wide range of baby carriers. Their affordable prices reflect our fundamental belief in spreading babywearing love to as many mothers & wearers.

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